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B Something doesn't make sense. There must be a piece of evidence that contradicts this line of thinking! But do you think this has changed the defendant's situation?

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B It changes everything. Statement 2 : We were waitin' outside the door and then, "bang! Statement 3 : Mr. Lawyer there broke the door down, and we rushed into the room. Statement 4 : Inside was the dead victim, and the defendant, wavin' a pistol around. Statement 5 : I swear, other than those two, there was no one else in the room.

Lotta's Photo added to the Court Record. Lotta seems awfully confident in her testimony A Press harder 6. What about? A behind the folding screen? Is there anything I can present that would prove it's not Maya in that photo? Statement 2 : I was Statement 3 : I'm really bad when it comes to blood and ghosts and stuff.

Statement 4 : But I still managed to point my camera at Maya and take a shot! Suppressing evidence like this.. You're as bad as your father! Now should I or should I not insist that the person in this picture is not Maya!? B Insist it's not Maya 4. Is there any way I can prove that the person in this picture is not Maya!?

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B I can prove it. Why don't you point out exactly what is so strange in this picture for the court? Point to where the hole should be and Present. There is only one logical explanation for this contradiciton!

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C The shooter is someone else. I think what happened before we forced our way into the Channeling Chamber is B Maya had left the room. Prove that from the murder until the time of arrest, the defendant had left the room. Now, when the murder was taking place, you were here, right? Place the icon over the Winding Way ii.

Now, what was it Pearls was doing in the Winding Way? While you were playing with your ball, this happened! How can you tall that urn has been broken? I don't suppose you could forgive a gal like me? A Forgive her Another person's accident?

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Like you got someone in mind? Can you, like, prove I was in, like, an accident? Like, do you have something that totally says I was hospitalized? Do you suppose the woman who died in that accident could be? Alright, then.


Tell me who you think I'm protecting. Show me some evidence that would cast suspicion onto my aunt. Do you have any proof that piece of cloth is from Maya's costume? In order for my aunt to murder Dr. Grey, who or what did she need? Statement 2 : I requested that Mr. Wright and the other lady please contact the police. Statement 3 : A pistol was hanging from Mystic Maya's hand and she was in a daze Statement 4 : Then, quite suddenly, she thrusted me away from herself and escaped from the room. Statement 5 : With great strength, she hit the base of my neck and I fainted for a short while Statement 6 : I'm afraid I have no knowledge of where she went after that. I want to hear the end of that sentence A Question further 4. She was A Question further 6. Great, well, now what? Statement 2 : Like, a little later, someone came into the room, like, really suddenly.

Statement 3 : It was, like, oh my gawd, totally my sister! Statement 4 : I, like, hadn't seen her in, like, so long I was so happy in, like, a sad way Statement 4a: I wasn't, like, scared at all.

And, like, her costume looked totally, like, normal. Statement 5 : My sister She, like, told me something, like, totally terrible. Should I drop this line of questioning? This question of what the witness felt when she saw her sister, is it really that important? B It is very important. Statement 4a added to the testimony. Press Statement 4a.

Statement 2 : So like, the costume is, like, purple, right? The blood totally blended right in. Statement 3 : And I, like, persuaded my sister it wasn't, like, right to do something like that. Statement 4 : And then Statement 4a: I, like, didn't see anyone on the way to, like, the Channeling Chamber.

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