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See enrichment activity 2. Daniel —13 ; explain that pulse was a food made from seeds and grains. How was the health of these young men different after the ten-day testing period? See enrichment activity 4.

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Besides being blessed with good physical health, in what other ways were Daniel and his friends blessed? Daniel , Why do you think their mental abilities were increased? How can we receive the same blessings that Daniel and his friends received? You may use one or more of the following activities any time during the lesson or as a review, summary, or challenge. Notice that grains are mentioned, which is what Daniel and his friends wanted to eat.

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Modern prophets have added drugs, when used inappropriately, to this harmful list. Bring to class pictures or make wordstrips of foods and substances listed in the Word of Wisdom. Satan tries to convince us through advertising and peer pressure that disobeying the Word of Wisdom is fun and exciting and that it will not harm us. Discuss with the children the ways others might try to get them to use tobacco, alcohol, coffee, tea, or drugs. Put words such as the following on small pieces of paper: tea, beer, cigarettes. Have class members draw a slip of paper and role-play how they would respond to peer pressure to indulge in that item.

If you leave off that phrase, they should not obey the command. After a few minutes, discuss with the children all the wonderful things our bodies can do. Suggest that the children express gratitude in their prayers to Heavenly Father for the great gift of their physical bodies. Encourage the children to show their gratitude for their physical bodies by following the Word of Wisdom.

In Creed Haymond was a runner representing his college in an annual athletic meet involving 1, men. I want you to have a little. I know what you Mormons believe. The coach continued trying to coax Creed into taking some of the wine, but Creed refused.

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Nothing less than his best would do. His teammates were doing as they were told.

He only had his experience of youth to draw on. Absalom has minor grievances with David, whereas David had major grievances with Saul. David had never been unfair to Absalom. Yet David was losing a kingdom. David refused to learn the ways of Saul, a second time, given a second temptation. He refused to unlearn the ways of brokenness he learned with Saul.

A Tale of Three Kings Summary & Study Guide

Absalom, on the other hand, promised to make a splendid Saul. In Absalom, rebellion had been dormant in his heart for years. God will see to it. At eighty, he was a broken man. He was…. And Moses had an Absalom in the person of Korah and his followers Numbers Absalom claims the kingdom!

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Not to have, not to take, not to protect, and not to keep. He walked and he walked…. Now to Jesus:. Jesus never threw spears.

Much like His ancestor, David, He never even contemplated it. On the Mount of Olives, Jesus taught about it.

At Gethsemane, Jesus lived it. Now, this is a Christmas message… the Father gave us His Son, born Incarnate of God; an unconditional offer of reconciliation… that required of Jesus, brokenness… against a humanity that so often rejects His love. This school is a sacred school. It is a school in the line of David. My children LOVE celebrating a feast day with special foods or treats.

Get PDF Lesson Plans A Tale of Three Kings

Check out this free Wise Men unit study for your family. Find more ideas to help spark your celebration of Epiphany or Three Kings Day here. Need a lesson plan to study the Wise Men in your homeschool with young children? Start here. Art Hub for Kids is one of my newest finds — Rob does a fantastic job in teaching kids how to draw. Check your paper stash and fire up your printer for these wintery days.

Download e-book Lesson Plans A Tale of Three Kings

I found all sorts of printable activities, word puzzles, coloring pages, lesson plans and more. Related: Catholic Saints Books for January. Want to enjoy some Epiphany videos with your children? You might want to watch them solo before sharing with your family. Do you have more ideas for celebrating Epiphany with your family and friends? Thanks for linking to our silhouettes and holiday silhouette puppet theatre! Do you ever serve King Cake on Epiphany? This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

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