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Penrod examined significant differences in two early handwritten accounts of the prophecy, noted some words and phrases that were not characteristic of Joseph Smith's speaking style or current in his time, and speculated that Rushton had "in his elderly years recorded some things that [Smith] actually said, mixing in words of his own creation. Several sources attribute to Smith the idea that the US Constitution would one day hang by a thread, and LDS Church leaders have issued similar warnings about the Constitution.

In , Brigham Young reportedly wrote that "when the Constitution of the United States hangs, as it were, upon a single thread, they will have to call for the 'Mormon' Elders to save it from utter destruction; and they will step forth and do it. In , Orson Hyde , another contemporary of Smith, wrote that Smith believed "the time would come when the Constitution and the country would be in danger of an overthrow; and Nibley , stated that "the day would come when there would be so much of disorder, of secret combinations taking the law into their own hands, tramping upon Constitutional rights and the liberties of the people, that the Constitution would hang as by a thread.

Yes, but it will still hang, and there will be enough of good people, many who may not belong to our Church at all, people who have respect for law and for order, and for Constitutional rights, who will rally around with us and save the Constitution. Ballard remarked that "the prophet Joseph Smith said the time will come when, through secret organizations taking the law into their own hands This Constitution will be preserved, but it will be preserved very largely in consequence of what the Lord has revealed and what [the Mormons], through listening to the Lord and being obedient, will help to bring about, to stabilize and give permanency and effect to the Constitution itself.

That also is our mission. In , J. Reuben Clark , an LDS apostle and a member of the church's First Presidency , said that "You and I have heard all our lives that the time may come when the Constitution may hang by a thread I do know that whether it shall live or die is now in the balance.

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He added that "if we are to live as a Church, and progress, and have the right to worship But it will not be saved in Washington. It will be saved by the citizens of this nation who love and cherish freedom. It will be saved by enlightened members of this Church — men and women who will subscribe to and abide by the principles of the Constitution. In , Elder Dallin H. To that end, he claimed that "all citizens—whatever their religious or philosophical persuasion" should maintain several responsibilities regarding the Constitution: understand it, support the law, practice civic virtue, maintain civility in political discourse, and promote patriotism.

Questions on LDS attitudes towards the United States government, whether they are considered on their own or as parts of the White Horse Prophecy, have arisen from time to time as prominent Latter-day Saints have become involved in American politics. The White Horse Prophecy has been characterized as "effectively plac[ing] believers on perpetual Red Alert for the Constitution's possible demise" [25] and as admonishing Mormons to "come to the rescue and restore the true Constitution by any means necessary.

Writers such as Richard Abanes and Elaine Wolff have speculated, on the basis of the prophecy, that Mormons expect that the US will eventually become a "Mormon-ruled theocracy divinely ordained to 'not only direct the political affairs of the Mormon community, but eventually those of the United States and ultimately the world'" [3] and that "a Mormon, if he were elected president, would take his orders from Salt Lake City.

In , US presidential candidate George W. Romney said the following on the White Horse Prophecy: "I have always felt that they meant that sometime the question of whether we are going to proceed on the basis of the Constitution would arise and at this point government leaders who were Mormons would be involved in answering that question. That's not official church doctrine I don't put that at the heart of my religious belief.

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Conservative media figure Glenn Beck , who joined the LDS Church in , has alleged that President Barack Obama "is going to bring us to the verge of shredding the Constitution, of massive socialism. Many Mormons also believe that Joseph Smith prophesied in that the US Constitution would one day 'hang by a thread' and be saved by faithful Mormons. They're talking about restoring law and order and peace and tranquility. It doesn't sound like a violent thing. In , Idaho gubernatorial candidate Rex Rammell announced plans to hold a series of meetings with believing Mormon men, which were to include discussion of the White Horse Prophecy.

Rammell later retracted his original plan to limit his meetings to LDS men and apologized to "all those citizens who are not members of the LDS faith, who have expressed a sincere interest in attending my meetings and discussing this prophecy and how we can step forward and save the United States Constitution. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Latter-day Saints portal. Penrod BYU Studies. Retrieved August 25, San Antonio Current. Joseph Smith: Rough Stone Rolling. New York : Knopf. Michael June Retrieved 17 August The documents show that Joseph Smith did prophesy a number of times that the United States and the Constitution would be imperiled and that the elders would have a hand in saving them.

Prophetic Years — Kessinger Publishing. Deseret Book Company.

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Retrieved November 2, Prophecy, Key to the Future. Horizon Publishers. The White Horse Prophecy. Pioneer Publishing. Retrieved October 1, Mormon Doctrine 2nd ed. But not everyone believed. Lazarus was now living proof that Jesus was indeed approved of God.

Israelis, Palestinians on Ariel Sharon's Death

Lazarus became somewhat of a local attraction for curious people who wanted to see the man who had come back from the dead. The crux of the matter for the Jewish leaders in Jerusalem was the growing number of people who were now following Jesus, which was directly related to the miracle with Lazarus. Thus, as a result of the raising of Lazarus, the Jewish leaders not only plotted to kill Jesus Himself but also sought to silence Lazarus see John ; In other words, if Jesus is allowed to continue gathering followers, He may cause a riot in Jerusalem against the Jewish leadership, which in turn would lead to serious consequences against the temple and the Jews in Jerusalem.

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Underlying this statement is the fact that other Jewish charismatics had caused, and would yet cause, significant problems in the eyes of the Romans. For example, the Jewish historian Josephus mentions that in AD 6, a man known as Judas the Galilean had incited other Jews to revolt against the local Roman government, refusing to pay taxes.

The members of the Sanhedrin knew that Jesus had the potential to cause problems similar to those of other charismatic leaders like Judas of Galilee. Jesus had already publicly taught negative things about the Jewish leaders. The diseased have ye not strengthened, neither have ye healed that which was sick,. I will set up one shepherd over them, and he shall feed them, even my servant David; he shall feed them, and he shall be their shepherd.

The symbols that Jesus employed in His teachings concerning the good shepherd certainly would not have been lost on the people or the Jewish leaders. The Jewish leaders, on the other hand, were the irresponsible shepherds of Israel who should have, but did not, feed the flock of God. Naturally, the Jewish leaders became increasingly nervous as Jesus gained popularity and taught His rapidly expanding number of followers not to give heed to the direction of the Sanhedrin.

Cersei & Jaime’s Big Moment Kinda Confirmed This Huge Prophecy But it Still Felt Unsatisfying

What are we to make of this interesting statement? Is this actually a prophecy of the imminent atoning sacrifice of the Savior? If so, how could a wicked man such as Caiaphas utter such a prophecy? Or is there another way to understand this expression? The Jewish historian Josephus mentions traditions that say the high priest acquired the gift of prophecy simply by virtue of his position in the priesthood.

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James E. It is important to point out that this last statement—applying the death of Jesus not only to the Jews, but to other nations—is an editorial comment and not the words of Caiaphas himself. But Christians like John can, in hindsight, look at the statement and detect further meaning that applies to the Atonement. What then did Caiaphas intend? A riot might cause the Romans to shut down the temple, which could negatively affect Jews all across the Roman Empire. Further, because Caiaphas was the high priest, the loss of the temple—a very profitable enterprise because of the constant receipt of tithes and offerings—would have been financially devastating to him and many other members of the Sadducee-dominated Sanhedrin.

The sons of Lehi had peacefully sought to obtain the brass plates and even offered to generously pay Laban for them see 1 Nephi —12, 22— But rather than discussing the issue with Laman, Laban responded in anger, accusing Laman of robbery and threatening to kill him see 1 Nephi — When the sons of Lehi presented to him riches in exchange for the brass plates, Laban ordered his servants to kill them so that Laban might have their property see 1 Nephi — Because Laban had rejected multiple attempts by the sons of Lehi to peacefully negotiate for possession of the brass plates and also because he sought to kill them, the Lord gave a commandment to Nephi justifying his actions against Laban.

Nephi understood that his family and his descendants would need the brass plates that they might keep the ordinances and sacrifices contained in the law of Moses see 1 Nephi 15— The words of Caiaphas, on the other hand, had little to do with righteous desires. He may have unwittingly said things about the Savior that had deeper meaning in Christian hindsight. For a convenient English translation, see Paul L. Maier, trans. Domeris and Simon M. For convenience, I will simply refer to the narrator as John.

Abraham Lincoln’s Assassination

On the complexity of the authorship of the Gospel of John, see Frank F. Kent P. Jackson and Frank F. Salt Lake City: Deseret Book, , — Paul J.